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IDSP - 310 - Foundations of Interdisciplinary Research (Dr. Taylor): Books & eBooks

Welcome to the IDSP - 310 - Foundations of Interdisciplinary Research Companion Guide! × This is the companion guide to IDSP 310 - Foundations of Interdisciplinary Research taught by Dr. Carylanna Taylor. In this course, you will be required to conduct r


To search NYIT's collection of books and ebooks, use BearCat. These are books and ebooks will be available to you at NYIT's physical library locations or via NYIT's online library. To locate books and ebooks available at other institutions, use WorldCat. If you would like to obtain a book or an article currently unavailable through the NYIT libraries, you can request these items (no charge!) via Interlibrary Loan

NYIT Libraries

With a valid NYIT ID, students, faculty, staff, and alumni may use any of NYIT's four campus libraries. 

Art & Architecture Library, Education Hall
Northern Blvd. Old Westbury, NY 11568-8000
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College of Osteopathic Medicine Library
Nelson A. Rockefeller Academic Center
Northern Blvd. Old Westbury, NY 11568-8000
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Manhattan Library
1855 Broadway, New York, NY 10023-7692
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Wisser Memorial Library
Northern Blvd. Old Westbury, NY 11568-8000
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Search BearCat

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Search for books, ebooks, journals, videos, etc. in our local libraries by using BearCat

REMEMBER! Unlike database searching, which allows you to search both the item record and (in many cases) the full-text of documents, catalog searching limits the amount of information you can search to the item record. Sometimes this record is very detailed, including a summary of the item, reviews, a table of contents, and/or a sample chapter. Sometimes the record is less detailed, including only basic information such as the author of the item, the title, the year of publication, the publisher, and one or two subject headings. This means you need to approach a search for books differently than you would approach a search for articles. Here's how: 

Step 1: Think about your topic and try an initial search. For example, you might be interested in researching the role that specific sneaker brands play in gang member identity and status. If you search for "Nike AND gang identity" or "sneakers AND gangs" in BearCat, you'll notice that you get 0 results. 

Step 2: Don't give up! Go broader. If you broaden your search to "gangs AND united states" or just "gangs", you'll notice that you get 13 results and 27 results, respectively. 

Step 3: Review the catalog record & choose physical items. Make sure to review all parts of the catalog record to determine whether or not the physical book will be worth retreiving (eBooks can be reviewed in their entirety online). 

Step 4: Locate the physical item and review the table of contents & index. Once you have located the print book, two parts of the book will be very helpful in determining whether or not the book will be worth checking out for further review. The table of contents will provide you with a complete listing of chapters and the index will direct you to specific pages where your topic is addressed. 


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