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PubMed Search Made Easy: Managing the Search Results

This is a guide on how to search PubMed, the world's largest database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics.

Save Searches and Set E-mail Alerts

  1. Enter the phrase or query in the search box and click Search.
  2. From the Results screen, click on the Create alert link below the search box. You will be taken to a Saved Search screen where you can select your options. (If you are not already signed into My NCBI, you will be prompted to do so.)
  3. Select how often you want updates, the format of the e-mail and the records, and the number of items you would like included in the message.
  4. Once you have made all your selections, click Save. This search will now be included on your list of Saved Searches in My NCBI.

PubMed Feature: Send to

The Send to: menu can be used to send or copy PubMed records to the following locations:

  • File – Use to save citations as a file on your computer. You can send individual, selected, or all citations to a file in any of the PubMed formats such as Abstract, Summary or MEDLINE formats.
  • Collections – Use Collections to build collections of records, to save indefinitely. See Collections for more details.
  • Citation Manager – Use to export your search results to a citation management program such as EndNote, Reference Manager or ProCite. The export will be in MEDLINE (tagged) format.
  • Clipboard – Use the Clipboard to store records for today – to do something with before you sign out or close PubMed.
  • E-mail – Use to send results to an email address. NYIT users, please make sure to note your name and email in the field of "Additional Text", enable the receiver to contact you. Your email is being sent via NCBI platform which causes not knowing the sender's contact information!
  • My Bibliography – Use My Bibliography if you are an NIH-funded researcher and are responsible for public access reporting. Or, use if you’d like to have a separate place to build a bibliography that contains citations from outside of PubMed.
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