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Osteopathic Medicine: Library FYI

This guide will provide useful information on finding resources in osteopathic medicine.

Library Information

  • The Medical Library has 4 photocopy machines located in the library. Photocopies comes out of  your NYIT Flex Account to pay for copies.If you run out of money, you will need to replenish your Flex account.
  • You must have your NYIT ID card to enter and use the library. Your ID card also serves as your library card
  • Laptops are available for computer use - there are no desktop computers in the NYCOM Library
  • The library is open until midnight seven days a week

Did you know?

  • You need your NYIT ID to enter the library. Your ID also serves as your library card.
  • The library has four photocopier/printers located on all three levels of the library. Your school allotment will be used to pay for photocopying/printing. Once that money runs out, you will need to add money to your Flex funds to do any further printing/photocopying
  • The library is open until midnight seven days a week.
  • Laptops computers are loaned out at the circulation desk - the library does not have desktop computers.

Library Info

The NYCOM Library has a site license to the New England Journal of Medicine, which includes images and videos. You can access by going to NYIT Journal Locator.

The library produces a library newsletter bimonthly which includes useful information on new and interesting medical websites, new developments in the library and interesting medical news items.

The library databases are available 24/7 on campus and off campus. If you are accessing off campus, you must sign in with your NYIT e-mail username and password. If you are on campus, no username and password are necessary to access the databases.

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