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Computer Science & Engineering: Keeping Up to Date

Introduction to basic tools and search strategies covering a wide range of resources and services in these fields

Recommended Publications

Read one or more of the following publications on a regular basis to increase awareness of major news and trends in engineering, computer science and technology.  Click the "Core Journals & Magazines" or "Research Databases" menu tabs above if additional resources or more comprehensive coverage of specific topics is needed.

Engineering & General Science 

Computer Science





RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds automatically provide updates of information according to profiles & search strategies designed or selected by you. RSS links are offered by colleges & universities, professional associations, database producers, companies, and journal & magazine publishers.  A very small sampling includes:

"Best" Blogs

Blogs (web logs) are regularly maintained sites of commentary and news produced by individuals or groups.  Among the many listed are:

                                  Computer Science





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