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RCL/Bowker Stacks App

Are you tired of carrying stacks of books or writing information down, only to manually enter the data in your systems later?

Bowker® can help save you time and money with its newest app: Bowker Stacks™.

Bowker Stacks™ is a mobile app for your iPhone™ that gives subscribers of Books In Print (BIP) or Resources for College Libraries (RCL) the ability to scan a barcode or enter an ISBN, access book records, and add titles to wish lists.

By using the Bowker Stacks app, you can scan and save on the go, whether you're attending a tradeshow, at a bookstore, meeting with colleagues, or even on vacation.

Weeding has never been easier: Resource for College Libraries users can scan a title and verify whether it's part of the list that peer librarians consider essential for two and four year collections. If it's not in RCL, it's not core, and subject to weeding.

Steps for setting up.

1. Download the app from iTunes /
2. Enter Books In Print’s administrator page and key in a central username and password. (Call the Reference Desk to get username and password) This is needed to link Stacks to Books In Print.
Note: The setup for Resources for College Libraries is similar.
3. Open the app on your device.
4. Select Books in Print or Resources for College Libraries.
5. Key in the username/password combination entered in step 2.
6. Login!

If you use an existing username/login combination to access Books In Print,
you may use that to login.

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