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Information Boutique: A Guide for Students: Mission

NYIT Libraries Mission

Our Mission

The library’s mission is to support the curricular and research needs of students, faculty, and staff at NYIT.  The goal of library service is to help students achieve success while in college and to foster mastery of research skills for lifelong learning. It is understood that the library, by its nature, supports academic programs by partnering with them to enhance student learning, program development, faculty research, and other professional activities. The library is the cornerstone of a successful college, because it provides access to a wealth of information and offers support services that enable students, faculty, and staff to utilize and evaluate this information.

The library’s collections and services continue to benefit from the enormous changes in technology.  The library’s goals reflect continued and enhanced use of technology to improve the access to the collection, the quality of the collection, educational services, and ease of use.  The exponential growth in information combined with rapidly changing technology has resulted in an information environment that is extremely complex.  The goals focus on resources and services to assist patrons in finding their way through this information maze. 

Our Goals

  • Provide state-of-the art access to library resources.
  • Deliver quality, user-oriented services responsive to the changing information needs of our diverse and global community
  • Evaluate, acquire, implement and manage resources at a level that meets or exceeds the research needs and expectations of users.
  • Continue to provide excellent traditional in-person library educational services while exploring electronic methods to deliver services, including support to distant learners.
  • Provide adequate space for library services and upgrade existing facilities as needed.
  • Continue to work with groups outside of the NYIT community to enhance the library’s image and maximize consortia arrangements.
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