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Parkinson's Disease: A Guide to Online Resources: Life Style

The information in this guide is recommended for Parkinson's Disease patients and their care givers.

Tai Chi

Look for Tai Chi


Tai chi helps Parkinson’s Patients with Balance and Fall Prevention

Adele Smithers Parkinson Disease Treatment Center Offers Tai Chi Classes On every Tuesday and Thursday. 

To schedule an appointment, contact Sim Basta, the Parkinson Program Coordinator at Adele Smithers Parkinson Disease Treatment Center.


Daily Activities

Parkinson's Disease patients may have difficulties with daily living activities, such as dressing, eating, bathing and writing. Besides consulting your occupational therapist, here are a few tips to help you live a better quality of life.

Increasing Mobility Confidence

Home Safety: General Guidelines

Have emergency numbers (police, fire, poison control),and a close contact person phone number available.

Keep a cordless phone in your pocket at all times.

Make sure smoke detectors work properly.

Avoid the use of fire hazards appliances such as space heaters and electric blankets.

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