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Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849: Articles & Databases

Welcome to the Edgar Allan Poe Research Guide! Here, you'll find guidance on locating all things Poe, including articles, journals, books, ebooks, and internet resources.

What's Your Angle?

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The angle from which you approach your topic will help you to decide which database will best meet your research needs. 

Database Searching Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: Think of as many synonyms and related terms as possible for your topic. Scholars and journalists may use different words to describe similar ideas, so searching with multiple keywords will ensure that you do not miss out on relevant material just because it employs different terms. 

Tip #2: For quick, effective searching, utilize Boolean operators. 

  • AND = Narrows your search. Will return results in which terms appear together. e.g., Media AND Elections
  • OR = Broadens your search. Will return results in which either term appears. e.g., Media OR Elections
  • NOT = Narrows your search. Will return results in which a specified term is excluded. e.g., Media NOT elections

Literature Databases

Looking for criticism on Poe's works?
Check out the literature databases below. 

Social Science Databases

Researching aspects of Poe's works like depression or addiction?
You might want to try our social science databases, too. 
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