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The New York Institute of Technology: Historical Resources: Campus Maps

In Old Westubry...

As new buildings have been built, and some older buildings removed or removated, the Old Westbury campus map has changed. The two most recent campus maps are reproduced here:  One that is current as of 2013; and the Old Westbury campus map that preceded it.

The Old Westbury Campus: Maps

Historically, these campus maps have been distributed to help persons find their way around campus. But they're obviously of historical value, reflecting, as they do, new construction that has occurred over the years on NYIT's Old Westbury campus. The maps labeled as current as of 2013 reflects campus geography totaling approximately 100 acres.

NOTE:  You can enlarge these maps by adjusting your screen resolution.

Campus map current as of 2013 (starting approx. early-to-mid-2000s).

View this map online.

This campus map preceded the one above.

Current Manhattan campus map / Virtual tour of campus

Current Old Westbury campus mapVirtual tour of campus

Locational & campus map info ALL CAMPUSES (global included)


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