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Publishing Resources for Faculty & Staff: NYIT's Journal Locator

Need to place a publication? The resources on this guide will help you determine the suitability of a journal for your work.

NYIT Library's Journal Locator

Journal Locator allows you to browse the NYIT Library's journal holdings within a specific discipline. Journal Locator also allows you to determine if the NYIT Library subscribes to a specific journal. 

Locating a Specific Publication

Step 1. Go to the library homepage. Click the JOURNALS tab and type in the title of the publication which you desire to access.

Step 2. If you are looking for a specific volume/issue, select a database based upon the full-text coverage dates.

Step 3. Perform a keyword search to locate articles within the available run of the publication or expand the date-ranges to select a specific issue within the publication.

Step 4. Choose a volume and issue.

Step 5. Browse through the issue.

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