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ARCH 221_Morelli_Fall18: Course Guide

In this Guide

This guide will jump start access to your course resources and research tools. 

Each Tab outlines resources and best practices to assist your research practice. 

Architecture Research

Visual Resources

Research & Writing

In Brief outlines the tutorial and Updates includes timely additions. 



Poll Everywhere

In Brief

Search the Catalog or WorldCat to get started. 

1) General information gathering:  

GreenFile and  GreenR  and Access Engineering issues and technologies related to sustainability. 


2) Precedent Analysis - Primary vs. Secondary Sources

In Design, Primary Sources are the Drawings, Models, Images and Writings produced for the original design and when that design came about. They are direct evidence of, the architect or designers work. Examples of Primary Sources include the drawing collections such as that of  Le Corbusier, and Steven Holl

ie, Buildings and projects 1964-1965, undated projects and indices / Le Corbusier 

Secondary Sources:  Interpretations – often generated by scholars, curators or critics – that are based upon the examination of multiple primary sources.

Primary Sources may be found in the drawing collections, art books, or digital content where the designer is the author. 

Architecture Databases 

"Avery" for Journal Articles and

Architectural Publications Index for deeper indexing of our print books.



Organizing Your Research

Start this process right away, think of it as a habit as frequent as saving a document.

You can be as simple as a Google Doc, use the

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