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Guide to Sustainability Centered Research


This guide to designed to aid in your research of environmental topics. Searching something to do with the science of the environment? How a toxic chemical has made it's way into the water supply? Looking for live data about how a new recycling process has been impacting your town's waste production? This guide will be helpful for all of these kinds of research and more!

In this Guide

  • Databases
    • Library - Where you can find peer reviewed articles and reference sources you won't have access to without your NYIT username and password.
    • Open Access - Free to access for anyone with an internet connection. The selected databases are only containing high quality peer reviewed research articles for a diverse look at a wide variety of environmental topics. 
  • Books - Physical books available at any of the NYIT libraries. Ebooks available to you anywhere you have an internet connection and an NYIT username and password. 
  • Open Data - Here you will find free information that is open to the public. It has datasets by many different government bodies regarding drinking water quality distribution,air quality, results of lead testing, greenhouse gas emission records and more!

Can't find something?

Can't find an item you are looking for? Researching something that resources aren't easy to get to? Need help figuring out how to read a dataset? Have a suggestion about what should be in this guide? Please feel free to email me, Adrianna Martinez at the big blue button over --> 

You can also schedule a research consultation with me, one of our other librarians here. We are here to help, and we would love to hear from you! 

For general questions, feel free to chat with a librarian below!

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