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Executive MBA (EMBA): Google

EMBA research guide.


Learn how to search Google. Start by learning how to use search operators. For more information visit the Google guide.

Verbatim use Tools > All Results > Verbatim to search the exact keywords you type.
“ ” use double quotes to search the exact phrase you type.
filetype: use filetype: to search for a variety of file formats.
inurl: use inurl: to search for term in the URL.
intitle: use intext: to search for terms in the text.
site: use site: to limit your search to a particular site.
example: (China websites)
intext:  use intext: to search for terms in the text.
define:  use define: like a dictionary to define words and terms.
term AROUND(5) term: use AROUND(n) to search for words within a certain proximity.
OR use OR to search for synonyms or similar concepts.
- use minus (-) to subtract terms and domains from your results.
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