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NYIT Law Society - Spring 2015 Event & Resource Guide: Home

This is the NYIT Law Society Club Spring 2015 Event & Resource Guide. Interested in attending an event? Want to learn more about a topic covered at one of the Law Society's events? You'll find all that -- and much more -- here!

NYIT Law Society Club

Upcoming Events

January 20: Strategic Planning Session (Wisser 313)

January 29:  Strategic Planning Session (Wisser 313)

February 5: Time Stress and Anger Management (DL1) (PE)

February 12: New Member/Planning Session (Rubin 307)

February 19: Law Discussion on Immigration Law (Rubin 307)

February 26: Health law: Affordable Care Act (Rubin 307) (PE)

March 5: Know Your Legal Rights at the Workplace (Rubin 307) (PE)                           

March 12: Criminal Law: Defending a Guilty client, Police use of Force and Wrongful Convictions? (Rubin 307) (PE)

March 26: Conflict Resolutions for Lawyers and Accountants (DL1) (PE)

April 2: Intellectual property (Rubin 307) (PE)

April 9: Planning Session for the 2015 to 2016 academic year (Rubin 307)

April 16: Accounting and the law  (Rubin 307) (PE)

April 23: Sports Law (Rubin 307) (PE)        

May 7: Awards/Certificate Lunch* (Rubin 307)  

*(Students who attend the required number of meetings will receive a Certificate)


United States Constitution. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 23 Feb 2015.
United States Constitution. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 23 Feb 2015.

The mission of the Law Society is to promote an interest in the Law by exposing all NYIT students to the many and varied aspects of the Law and to counsel, assist and guide those students who seek admission to Law School.

The club meets every Thursday during Free Hour and the members discuss legal issues, discuss preparation for Law School admission and, approximately once each month, an attorney-specialist is invited to speak on a particular area of the Law in which the members are interested. The entire NYIT community is invited to attend the lectures.

The members also visit courts to observe proceedings and these visits are followed by analytical discussions.

For additional information please contact:

Joshua Bienstock
Faculty Advisor: Law Club
Phone: 516.686.7788

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