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This guide provides information for finding useful Physical Therapy (PT) related resources.

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The purpose of this guide is to organize the most relevant online resources for students and faculty within the discipline of Physical Therapy.

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AccessMedicine: Musculoskeletal Exams

Systematic Musculoskeletal Examinations is a clear, step-by-step learning text, atlas, and video series designed to teach essential and foundational skills of musculoskeletal physical assessment. Systematic Musculoskeletal Examinations presents a 3-part learning system:

  1. Screening Musculoskeletal Examination (SMSE): rapid assessment of structure and function.
  2. General Musculoskeletal Examination (GMSE): comprehensive assessment of joint inflammation and arthritis.
  3. Regional Musculoskeletal Examination (RMSE): focused assessments of structure and function combined with special testing of the shoulder, knee and neck and low back.

Understanding Levels of Evidence: How to Limit Your Medline & CINAHL Search

This tutorial is posted with the courtesy to the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia.


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