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ARCH 222: Course Guide

In this Guide

This guide will jump-start access to your course resources and research tools. Each Tab outlines resources and best practices to assist your research practice. 

Architecture Research

Visual Resources

Research & Writing

- Statista

- Opposing Issues in Context

Art & Architecture Library Visit

Course Reserves and Select Readings

Key Sources

Why do I need to cite?

  • Citations represent the breadth and depth of research
  • Recognize the origins and basis for your arguments, findings, and conclusion
  • Recognize the work of scholars and practitioners before you
  • Prevent plagiarism
  • Identify the words, ideas, images, videos, and any content from somewhere else.

What should I cite? 

Ok, so let's say you are sifting through dozens of images and need only one view of a precedent for the final presentation, Unless you captured or drew the image yourself, The answer is always, yes. Cite everything.

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