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ARCH 501-502 Cumella 2018-2019: Course Guide

In this Guide

This guide will jump start access to your course resources and research tools. 

Each Tab outlines resources and best practices to assist your research practice. 

Architecture Research

Art and Design Research

Visual Resources

Research & Writing


Tutorial Brief

  1. Research Organization: Iterative search - Search strategically with flexibility. Search Strategically for example, 

    Keyword: "Mont-Saint Michel" yields very specific results. 

    Keyword: French Cathedral, broader term yields overview sources. with flexibility. Meaning, swap terms and keywords, click through links in broader search results, use the hypertext in the record. 

  2.  Organizing sources - Google Drive File export, Mendeley., GoogleDrive Running List of Sources Template.

  3. Citing for presentation - the best part of OneSearch. Other options are citation engine and KnightCite.

  4. Precedent Analysis - Primary vs. Secondary Sources

In Design, Primary Sources are the Drawings, Models, Images and Writings produced for the original design and when that design came about. They are direct evidence of, the architect or designers work. Examples of Primary Sources include the drawing collections such as that of Firmany, Le Corbusier.

- Use databases such as, Architectural Publications Index to find primary sources.

- Include the search terms, "plan" or "drawing"

Secondary Sources:  Interpretations – often generated by scholars, curators or critics – that are based upon the examination of multiple primary sources and interpret or analyze an original work. Use "Avery" for Journal Articles . 

Iterative Search requires the practice of continually questioning and substantiating your findings. 

Reserve List

Search the Catalog for the Additional Titles in this list:

Architectural graphic standardsTwelfth edition. - American Institute of Architects,  

Constructing the Ineffable - Contemporary Sacred Architecture, by Karla Britton

Transcending Architecture - Contemporary Views on Sacred Spaces, by Julio Bermudez

 Designing Sacred Spaces, by Sherin Whing 

Closer to God - Religious Architecture and Sacred Spaces, by Robert Klanten 

Cosmos of Light -The Sacred Architecture of LeCorbusier, by Henry Plummer

Interior graphic and design standards - S.C. Reznikoff 

Sacred Buildings: A design Manual, by Rudolf Stegers

The Spiritual Traveler - New York City, by Edward Bergman

Sacred Spaces - Contemporary Religious Architecture, by James Pallister

 Kris Yao / Artech-Selected and Current work, by Renee Otmar

1950-2000 European Church Architecture, by Wolfgang Jean Stack

 Modern Landscape, by Michael Spens

AV Monographs: Recintos Religiosos  - 

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