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English Language Learners: Home

Library resources for ESL students and teachers.


Hello and Welcome to NYIT English Language Learner research guide! This guide aims to provide resources to non-native English speakers and English learners to improve their language skills. 

ELL @ NYIT Library

NYIT has 12,000 students that come from over 100 countries. The NYIT student body is as diverse as the programs it offers, so the library acquires resources that not only support our curricula but also supports obstacles facing our students and faculty. With our newly expanded Language & ESL collection students can find the assistance they need for success in grammar, writing, public speaking and a variety of related areas. 

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Library Vocabulary

Confused by some of the words you hear in the library?  Here's a list of common words that can make navigating the library and its resources easier. 

Check Out: To borrow something from the library; to take out of the library or home for an amount of time. Check with the person behind the desk for the time of return. 

Note: You will need to show your NYIT student ID in order to borrow books or any other material from the library. \

Circulation Desk: Desk in the library where you can check out circulation books, reserve items, laptops, iPads, and other materials. 

Due Date: The date you should return the items borrowed from the library. If the items are not returned by the due date you will receive an email asking you to return it. 

Librarian: A professional in the information field. if you have difficulty finding information in the library, you can ask a librarian for help. 

Loan Period: The amount of time you can borrow an item from the library. 

Periodical: A publication( collection of articles) that are issued at regular intervals. Magazines, Newspapers, and Journals are examples of periodicals. 

Reference Books: Books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other books that can only be used in the library. 


Library Resources

The NYIT libraries are home to the print collection of books and periodicals and a point of research for all of our digital resources.  Librarians are available to help you research, find information, and access new technology.

Technology Resources

Visit the Manhattan or Long Island library to access the following technology resources:

  • Laptop computers
  • iPad tablets
  • Graphing Calculators
  • Color printing 
  • Color photocopying
  • Scanning

Laptops, iPads, and Calculators can be reserved for 3 hours with your student ID card. Note that items returned late will incur a fine. 

Language & ESL Books

Below are books available in the Language & ESL collection on the 2nd floor of the Manhattan Library. Click the book's link to find more information. 

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