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Research Guide, Wiesenfeld, Spring 2020: Course Guide

In this Guide

Each Tab outlines resources and best practices to assist your research practice. 

Architecture Research

Visual Resources

Research & Writing

Advanced Structures lists video/media selected for each topic.

Essential Databases include additional sources relevant to the course content.

Essential Databases

Advances Structures II


Unit Masonry

Masonry (14 min) (CC)
Concrete Masonry from ACI

Review of Computer Methods
Vanilla Box

Vanilla Box Definition from White Tie Commercial
Low-Rise, Mid-Rise & High-Rise Structures

Pneumatic Structures


Folded Plates:

PechaKucha: “From Origami to Folded-Plate Architecture” with Lane Allen - 15 minutes:



kanopy: “The Incredible Lightness of Tension Structures” - 33 minutes:



​Construction Revolution—Arches and Concrete



kanopy: “The Glory of Rome in Arches and Vaults” - 33 minutes:


kanopy: “The Rise and Fall of the Gothic Cathedral” - 33 minutes:



kanopy: “Amazing Thin Shells: Strength From Curvature” - 31 minutes:



kanopy: “Three Great Domes: Rome to the Renaissance” - 34 minutes:


kanopy: “Hagia Sophia: Istanbul’s Ancient Mystery” - 54 minutes:


Earth Structures:

kanopy: “The Architecture of Mud” - 51 minutes:


TED: “The Warmth and Wisdom of Mud Buildings” with Anna Heringer - 13 minutes:


Select Readings and Media

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