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Digital Mapping Tools and Resources: Storytelling Tools

Narratives with Digital Maps

StoryMaps by Esri: Map and Narrate the story of physical space. Here is an example of a site visit in Harlem. 
StoryMaps provides templates and basemaps to customize the Story. 
Here is another example. Students were able to capture views from the street an narrate local information. 
Examples of NYC Open Data Map projects:

- Building Footprints - download footprints, note the metadata
Subway Entrances - another Open NYC dataset, note the export examples.
NYC Connector - maps connecting people to volunteer opportunities.






Storymaps JS

Sliding map that shows one point at a time with a lot of context information. No coding experience needed. Very approachable. Uses Google Account. Free. Mobile Friendly.

Northwestern University KnightLab Project website:

Game of Thrones Project!


Uses javascript. Code heavy for use. Capability is pretty endless. Free. Open Source.

Visit the open source javascript library here:

Leaflet step by step example!


Maps over time. Useful for showing events in sequence visually. Free. Open Source.

Open Knowledge Foundation Labs:

Here's an example!



Mainly Data oriented. Robust tool. One of the things it does is maps. Spreadsheets. Public Version is Free, over time fee

Tableau Public Landing Page:

Tableau Maps!

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