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Introduction to DAW: GarageBand: Part 1 - Basics

GarageBand has more options than you'd expect from an entry level app which makes this easy to use DAW so much more fun to use! This guide will help you get started with your GarageBand app.

When you launch the GarageBand app, it will prompt you to begin a New Project.

A Simple Beginner's Tutorial For Garageband – Producer Society


You have four options:

How to create your first song in GarageBand | ROLI

A MIDI device stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Basically you can use a MIDI keyboard to create sounds other than a keyboard piano. The audio function allows you to record with a microphone or an electric guitar or bass (because they have pick-ups or an amp that amplify sound). And finally, the drummer feature: a virtual drummer to create beats with and maintain the tempo.

Software Instrument Project

This option allows you to write music using a MIDI instrument (for example, a MIDI keyboard like the AKAI available in our library collection) or the virtual keyboard within the program. 

  • Use the function CRTL K to bring up the virtual keyboard

Audio Project

Recording audio will require an audio interface. In simple terms, it helps convert the analog signal of your instrument into a digital signal for your DAW (digital audio workstation). 

  • For microphones, having an audio interface with preamps is very helpful. Pre-amps or preamplifiers help boost weak electrical signals which prevents signal distortion and reduces the noise-tolerance. Simply put, it makes the signal strong enough for further processing.
  • Good microphones are ideal for singing or amplifiers (if you are mic-ing an amp). 

Drummer Project

Many times, you might want to begin your project with a drum beat. Choose from a wide selection of drummer styles and instruments. The drummer feature also allows you to vary the simplicity and complexity of the beat using a toggle.

  • You don't need to commit to one drum beat. You can always change the beat as you progress with your song.
  • Each drummer has added features, like tambourine or shaker.
  • Depending on the drum kit, you can increase and decrease certain elements to make them more pronounced.
  • In the Control tab, you can increase and decrease the volume of the drums by selecting individual parts of the kit.
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