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Introduction to DAW: GarageBand: What is Tone?

GarageBand has more options than you'd expect from an entry level app which makes this easy to use DAW so much more fun to use! This guide will help you get started with your GarageBand app.

From the simple to the complex

Tone is a steady periodic sound comprised of qualities such as duration, pitch, intensity, and timbre. However, more complexity can be added to this sound to produce a different quality. When you're editing your tracks, you'll want to explore and considering new possibilities for achieving your unique guitar sound.

But the science of sound and frequencies will offer a broader understanding of these effects and what they can do to your signal. In this section, we will explore popular topics such as timbre and pitch. Let's begin.

What Is Tone?

This short introduction to tone explains how sound is created and the way frequencies work in relation to pitch. The wave formation and length of waves are best understood with the visuals in this video. 

What is Timbre?

Timbre is the quality of an instruments sound. Different instruments have different qualities of sound. This is how we distinguish instruments, or more specifically instruments of the same family, from one another. 

What is Pitch?

Pitch is the measure of frequency as it passes through a sound wave. There are 12 pitches. If you have a piano or midi keyboard, you can follow along with this video to better visual this topic.

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