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Introduction to DAW: GarageBand: Part 2 - Advanced

GarageBand has more options than you'd expect from an entry level app which makes this easy to use DAW so much more fun to use! This guide will help you get started with your GarageBand app.


Enable "Multitrack Recording" to record multiple tracks at the same time. Go to the menu bar > Track > Configure Track Header


Check the box for "Record Enable". A red record button will appear on all compatible tracks (not the drummer tracks). Select all the tracks you want to record at the same time.


Editing MIDI instruments

Editing MIDI tracks is very simple. Here are a few skills you'll learn:

  • How to select one or more notes and delete them using the Delete button.
  • How to click and reposition the note elsewhere on the chart or timeline.
  • How to extend or shorten the length of the note.

Turning on Multi-Tracking

Multi-tracking is useful when recording instruments and vocals at the same time.

  • For "scratch" or demo tracks. 
  • For multiple microphones on an amplifier.
  • For recording a full drum kit.


Drummer Project

Many times, you might want to begin your project with a drum beat. Choose from a wide selection of drummer styles and instruments. The drummer feature also allows you to vary the simplicity and complexity of the beat using a toggle.

  • You don't need to commit to one drum beat. You can always change the beat as you progress with your song.
  • Each drummer has added features, like tambourine or shaker.
  • Depending on the drum kit, you can increase and decrease certain elements to make them more pronounced.
  • In the Control tab, you can increase and decrease the volume of the drums by selecting individual parts of the kit.
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