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Introduction to DAW: GarageBand: Part 3 - Expert

GarageBand has more options than you'd expect from an entry level app which makes this easy to use DAW so much more fun to use! This guide will help you get started with your GarageBand app.

Creating Multiple-Takes

Unless you plan on acing the first attempt each time you record, you'll want to learn how to record multiple takes during a session. This is especially important when you record other musicians. Typically 3 good takes are ideal so that you can use them for editing in case there are any mistakes.

Create Your Own MIDI Drummer Track

If you don't find the drum beat you like in the drummer function, you can create your own MIDI drum beat.

  • Go to the Software Instrument and select the "Drum Kit".
  • Create the region.
  • Use the piano roll to play each part of the drum set.

Editing Basics

Extending tracks, copying and pasting, cutting, fading, etc are all important parts for recording.

Drummer Loops

Another way of building songs is by starting with drum "loops." There are lots of drum loop packs you can choose from and they are super easy to use.

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