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Streaming Videos: Home

List of films available from the different video platforms

Streaming Video Collections: Kanopy and Swank Digital Campus


 Kanopy is an on-demand video streaming service that provides access to feature films, documentaries, and educational videos across a wide variety of subjects. Kanopy makes it easy to view, share, and discuss videos in both remote and on campus classes.  

You can access Kanopy by going directly to or by going to the Library Home page and select the library's A-Z Research Database page. Kanopy is mediated access, so only subscribed films are available to view.  Any new films that are needed for classes need to be requested by Faculty in advance by emailing or using the form within Kanopy, Example form copied below.

Current Access Kanopy Films as of November 2022 - Note this list changes every month.

Foreign Parts
My Brooklyn - Demystifying Gentrification
Being and Becoming - Schooling and Child Development
Urbanized - The Issues and Strategies Behind Urban Design
The Pruitt-Igoe Myth 
Everyday Heroes - Addressing Youth, Race and National Service
Class Divide - Effects of Gentrification in West Chelsea, NYC
Race - The Power of an Illusion
Unseen Enemies - The Deadliest Infectious Diseases in Human History
Precious Knowledge - Fighting for Mexican American Studies in Arizona Schools
Tyke Elephant Outlaw - A Circus Elephant Who Made History
The Broker - An Iranian Dating Agency
American Teacher
Cosmopolis - 1918-1931
Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages - Inside the Comic Book Industry
Bell’s Theorem and Schrödinger’s Cat


Swank Digital Collection

Swank Digital Campus contains primarily feature films.  Same as Kanopy since this Swank subscription is to support classroom instruction, the films available through Swank will depend on what has been requested by the NYIT faculty member for each semester.

"Student" vs. "Faculty" view:  The first time you connect to Swank by using the Library's A-Z Database list, you will be asked if you are a student or an instructor.   If you proceed as a student, you will only see what is currently available to NYIT users in the database.   If you proceed as an instructor, the site will promote you to create a Swank Login.  You will then be able to see everything that is in the Swank inventory.  If you found your film and NYIT does not currently have access, just select "Request".   Please remember to submit your requests in advance.


Current Swank Titles as of November 2022:  Note this list changes every month

Big Fish

Born on the Fourth of July

Cinderella Man

Do the Right Thing

Dog Day Afternoon

If Beale Street Could Talk


Pearl Harbor


The Great Gatsby


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