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Systematic Review Guide

This guide will help you navigate how to create a systematic review.


The Medical Library staff may assist in literature searching using controlled vocabularies, creation of search strategies, choosing databases, managing references, and teaching researchers how to use Zotero in-person or via Zoom. 

Reviews contain a lot of librarian involvement and when published, librarians should receive credit. 

  • Acknowledgement/Contributor note - regular librarian work with significant support
    • Help with formulating research question & search strategy.
    • Guidance on the steps of a systematic review.
    • Assistance with choosing which databases to search.
    • Help with searching each of the selected databases.
    • Troubleshooting search strategy.
    • Data management consultation.
  • Authorship (one or more of the following)
    • Using search strategy or filter written by librarian.
    • Help registering a protocol.
    • Citation retrieval and management.
    • Help with searching for articles.
    • Assistance with downloading and deduplication of results.
    • Credit for writing search methods portion of manuscript, including PRISMA flow chart.
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