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Hospitality Industry: Food & Beverage

Guide to Hospitality industry information including: event planning, travel & tourism, food & beverage and other related areas of the industry.

Food & Beverage Sector

As with other sectors of the hospitality industry, the food and beverage industry is very fluid. Catering establishments, airline dining, restaurants, dining halls, cafeterias, lounges can all run independently or be a part of larger establishment such as a casino, resort or cruise ship. The industry can be extremely creative and high energy, and the hours can be sparse to grueling depending on the season and the economy. This industry employs chefs, cooks, event planners, bartenders, food and beverage managers, waitstaff and other supporting positions. Suppliers for this industry can also play a role in employment.

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Menu Planning

The following links are useful in providing inspiration for menu planning and production:

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