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Linux & Unix: Command Line

Learn about Linux and Unix type operating systems.

Introducing the Command line

The command line interface is an integral part of using linux and unix systems.  Many pieces of software are available only in command line or provide additional functionality.  The command line interface also provides the ability to script actions and pipe or connect commands together.

Featured Resource

Enter in shell commands with arguments to see a detailed explanation.  The site provides a great way to learn and test commands.

Command Line Basics

Most commands have the following format:
command -options arguments

Navigate Directories:

      List all files in current directory

      Prints full path of current directory to the terminal

cd /path/to/file
      Change directory to path specified as argument

Working with Files:

cp file_copy_from file_copy_to
      copy files and directories
mv file_from file_to
      move or rename files and directories
rm filename
      remove files and directories
mkdir new_directory_name
​      create directories

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