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Copyright: Guidelines for Faculty

What's Copyright and Fair Use? This LibGuide is designed to help the students, faculty and staff understand the difference between fair use and copyright infringement. It offers simplified tables, videos, and even a quiz to test one's copyright knowledge.

What Can You Copy?

Question: Is everything fair use for instructors?

Answer: No, there are specific guidelines that instructors must follow. 



  • A single chapter from a book (for teachers)
  • Make multiple copies of different works as a substitute for the purchase of books or periodicals
  • An excerpt from a work that combines language and illustrations, such as a children's book, not exceeding two pages or 10 percent of the work (whichever is less)
  • Copy the same works for more than one semester, class, or course
  • A poem of 250 words or less or up to 250 words of a longer poem
  • Copy the same work more than nine times in a single semester
  • An article, short story, or essay of 2,500 words or less, or excerpts of up to 1,000 words or 10 percent of a longer work (whichever is less)
  • Use copyrighted work for commercial purposes
  • A single chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture from a book, periodical, or newspaper.
  • Use copyrighted work without attributing the author.

 Source U.S. Copyright Office

Copyright Video

Synopsis: College instructor has uploaded a journal article for his students to read on the internet. Is he covered under Fair Use?

See the video to learn more! (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

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