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Organizes and lists books, articles, journal databases, websites, RSS feeds, and more -- all supportive of research in school counseling.

In this Guide

This subject guide provides information resources -- grouped by format or type, with links often included to provide easy click-to access -- intended to help persons doing research in the field of school counseling.

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School Counseling Research Resources

OK, so you're required to research a topic and write a paper using scholarly sources. Do you know HOW and WHERE to easily find such sources?

If your answer to the above two questions is NO, this guide will prove very helpful. And even if you DO know where to find such sources, this guide presents additional sources that might be new to you.

To summarize the content of this guide:

TAB 1:  Tab 1 corresponds to THIS page, the page you're on now.

TAB 2 Books on school counseling, including e-books (with "click-to" links provided).

TAB 3:  Education- and school counseling-related journal article and reference article DATABASES (with "click-to" links provided). NOTE:  Many of these databases offer users the ability to check a box for FULL TEXT and a box for SCHOLARLY/PEER-REVIEWED to screen for assuredly academic-quality articles. (And if you've been asked to find EVIDENCE-BASED articles, they, and how to find them, are explained in depth HERE.)

TAB 4:  A sampling of linked survey articles on school counseling from the databases presented under Tab 3.

TAB 5 How to search Library databases.

TAB 6:  Websites, screened for quality, covering school counseling.

TAB 7 Citing sources / Formatting help (for creating Works Cited pages).

TAB 8:  RSS feeds providing continually-updated info of interest to counseling professionals.

TAB 9 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Library. 

Google Scholar

Consider using Google Scholar to find academic-quality Web-based information: articles, studies, reports, and more.

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