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Zotero: Citation management tool: Adding citations

Guide explains how use the citation management tool: Zotero

Collecting/Saving citations

Zotero "watches" the pages you visit and detect citation from books, articles, and other sources. The Zotero icon installed in your browser will change as you visit web pages. 

The icons change depending on the website you are in. 

Collecting Citations

Find an article you would like to add to Zotero, then click on the Zotero icon (the icon will change depending on the information) located on the upper right-hand side on your browser and click on it. Zotero will collect the citation along with pdf if available and place it in your library. 

Collecting many files at once.

  1. Click on the folder option on the Upper right-hand side of your browser 
  2. Select the articles you want to add to Zotero library 
  3. Zotero will add the articles to your Zotero library

Manually adding citations

You can add items manually to your Zotero library

  1. Open your Zotero library 

  2. Click on the  and select the type of source you want to add. 


Drag and drop PDFs

  1. Open Zotero library 
  2. Drag and drop PDF in library
  3. Zotero will extract metadata 

Automatic metadata retrieval after a PDF is dragged into Zotero 

  • If Zotero doesn't automatically retrieve the metadata. Either right click on the file(PC) or control-click on (MAC) and select retrieve metadata from the drop-down menu. 

Add item by ISBN, DOI, PMID

You can add items by ISBN, Digital Object Identifier, or Pubmed id to your  Zotero library by clicking on the Wand icon and adding the ISBN and clicking enter. Zotero will collect all of the metadata and you'll have a permanent citation in your library. 

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