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Zotero: Citation management tool: Adding citation/bibliography to Word Documents

Guide explains how use the citation management tool: Zotero

Zotero and Word documents

Zotero works with Word and other word processors and helps you insert in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliographies. Here's how:

  1. Install Word plug in if you haven't already.
  2. once you do, you'll see the following in your Word doc toolbar if using a PC
  3. If you using a Mac you'll see a similar image on your toolbar.

Adding citations to Word document

  1. Open Word 
  2. Select Zotero 
  3. Select add/edit citation to add the citation to your paper. zotero must be open.


Zotero will ask you to select the citation style of your choice and click ok.

A search box will pop up so that you can search the Zotero library by keyword, author's name, or title.

Click on the article you want to cite and press ENTER key

In order to add pages to the citation: 

  1. left click on the selected article in the search box
  2.  A widow will pop up and you can add page numbers and make other adjustments.









After making the changes, press Enter key and you should have your adjusted in-text citation.


Adding bibliography to Word doc

zotero creates a bibliography for your citation in your word processor!  Note: Make sure Zotero desktop is open 

  1. Open Word.
  2. Select Zotero in your toolbar.
  3. Select Create/edit bibliography.  


Creating Bibliography from Zotero Library

You can also select the citation you need in Zotero and copy and paste them to your Word doc. Here's how.

  1. Select the reading you need to cite
  2. Right-click and select Create a bibliography from items
  3. Select copy to clipboard
  4. Paste in your Word document


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