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Mondopad Guide: Home

This document guides you through using the common features of the Mondopad touchscreen display.

What are Mondopads?

Mondopads are touchscreen collaboration computers located in the Manhattan and Long Island libraries. They include the ability to: share data, whiteboard, connect your own device, video conference, and search the Internet.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Using the Whiteboard
  3. Connect Your Own Device Wirelessly
  4. Connect Via Physical Cables
  5. Video Meetings
  6. To Use the Web Browser
  7. Touchpad Techniques
  8. When Finished

1. Getting Started

Power Display On

  • The Mondopads should already be on. If not push the power button on the display.

Reset Meeting

  • On the Mondopad Homepage, select Reset Meeting.
  • Select Yes to proceed, then OK when prompted that the meeting has been closed.

2. Using the Whiteboard

Use the Whiteboard to brainstorm ideas, create graphs, and workflows, or whatever you choose. This blank slate lets you collaborate, share, and save your ideas. 

To Access the Whiteboard

  • On the Mondopad touch the whiteboard icon.

To Draw

  • Touch the suitable color and font size, and then touch the whiteboard to start drawing.

To Save Session to a Thumb Drive

  • Insert thumb drive to USB port on the right side panel of the display.
  • Touch the Save JPG icon.
  • Navigate to your thumb drive, select OK.
  • To name the file; tap Name field, tap keyboard icon, type name, choose Current page or All pages, then select OK

3. Connect Your Own Device Wirelessly

To Upload, Control or View Presentations from Your Laptop

  1. On your laptop, launch a web browser and enter the IP address of the Mondopad you are connecting to; (IP address is located in the top left corner of the Mondopad Home Page.
  2. Enter the Access Code, located in the upper left corner of the Mondopad Home Page, and select Login. The Mondopad’s Home Page is now displayed on your laptop.

4. Connect Via Physical Cables (If Applicable)

To display your desktop on the Mondopad, first, plug the appropriate cable into your laptop, second, change the input on the Mondopad.

  1. Determine the port type on your laptop.
  2. Locate one of the laptop port types on your machine from the list below.
  3. Press the INPUT button to select PC HDMI to show the desktop of the laptop connected to the physical cables.

Port Types:

  • HDMI Port 
  • Display Port 
  • Thunderbolt Port 
  • MiniDisplay Port
  • Headphone Port

Cable and Dongles:

  • HDMI Cable
  • HDMI to Display Port
  • HDMI to Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt Dongle
  • Audio Cable

: When done please switch the INPUT back to show the Mondopad application on the screen.

5. Video Meetings

Perfect for students working on a group project, connect from anywhere in the world to visually collaborate on the same content.

How to Host a Meeting Using Zoom

  1. Switch on the Mondopad (the power button is located on the lower right side of the machine).
  2. Click the Zoom icon located on the horizontal menu.
  3. Enter your credentials.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

  1. Turn on the Mondopad if it isn’t already on.
  2. Select the extras icon.
  3. Select the zoom icon form the extras screen.
  4. Select join meeting from the Zoom window.
  5. You can change the name to your name. Put in the meeting id you were given and then press join.

6. To Use the Web Browser

  1. From the Mondopad toolbar, tap the Browser icon.
  2. Tap the address bar, tap the keyboard icon, type in the desired URL and tap the Return key.

7. Touchpad Techniques

  • Tap – Quickly touch the screen with your finger, same as single click on the mouse.
  • Pan – Touch the screen and move your finger in the direction you want to scroll the image document or page.
  • Double-tap – Quickly touch the screen twice, same as double-clicking left mouse button.
  • Drag and Drop – Touch the screen and hold it until a copy of the file is visible. Without lifting your finger, move your finger across the screen to the location you want to drop the file or folder. Lift your finger.
  • Flick – Touch the screen and flick your finger in the direction you want to move through the document or folder images.
  • Two-Fingered Flick (whiteboard feature) – Using two fingers, touch the screen and flick your fingers left to add a page, right to go to the previous page, up to increase the page size, down to scroll up the page.
  • Zoom Out – Using two fingers touch the screen and move your fingertips closer to each other.
  • Zoom In – Using two fingers touch the screen and move your fingertips away from each other. 

8. When Finished

Logging Off the Mondopad

  • Select the Homepage Icon, to return to the Mondopad Home Page.
  • Please do not power the display off.
  • Run Reset Meeting Procedure.
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