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Data & Statistics: International


  • Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED): International Data
    Economic times series data with an international scope.
  • IMF Data
    A consolidated search portal for data complied by the IMF. Includes the ability to search by country/region and economic concepts.
  • UNdata
    Over 300 sets of economic, social, and financial statistics from a wide assortment of United Nations agencies and other international organizations.
  • World Bank Data Catalog
    The World Bank's Open Data initiative is intended to provide all users with access to World Bank data. These resources include world development indicators plus other international indicators in databases, pre-formatted tables and reports.
  • UNCTADstat
    Unilateral and bilateral country-level time series on international trade, economic trends, foreign direct investment (FDI), external financial resources, commodities and maritime transport.
  • National Bureau of Statistics in China 
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