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Open Educational Resources (OER): Finding OER: Dig Deeper

This libguide is designed to help students, faculty, and staff learn about and use Open Educational (OER) and Open Access resurces as well as Creative Commons and Copyright.

Dig deeper

You've done a cursory search for open educational repository and haven't found exactly what you are looking for. It may be time to take your search to the next level using some of the repositories and search engines linked on this page. 

Through the resources, you find through these links should be open, always confirm that the material you wish to use has a Creative Commons or similar license that explicitly allows you to use and/modify the material. 

Compete courses and units

These sources provide you with complete courses or units that are entirely open. You can use an entire course, a portion of a course, or just the reading list -- whatever is relevant to your needs.

Other Open Books

These links allow you to explore open access books that are not textbooks. Most of these books are not truly OER as they do not allow remixing or revising. Always check the license before using it.

Open Journals and Articles

Open Textbooks

This section includes several different types of sources.

  • Curated collection: Directory of hand-picked textbooks from various sources, often by one or more specific colleges/universities.
  • Repository: A large collection of materials that are author-submitted rather than curated. Quality varies.
  • Textbook provider: An organization that has developed textbooks. You will only be searching that "publisher's" materials, direct from the source.

You may also wish to explore complete courses to see which readings and other materials are used in courses similar to yours.

Multi- media & Images

Subject-Specific OER Guides

Most places to locate OER cover a wide range of subjects. This box contains subject-specific resources. Note that these are likely to be just one part of your search.

Creative Common License

Creative Commons License

This work is adapted from a LibGuide by D'Arcy Hutchings which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You may reproduce, reuse, or remix any part of this guide as long as credit is included. We encourage you to license your derivative works under Creative Commons as well to encourage sharing and reuse of educational materials.


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