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Technical English - ESLI-595: Verbs

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VERB: Verbs are words that express actions, occruences, or states of being. 


Although these games are designed for K-12 students, they provide very useful practice with immediate feedback. 


1. Every verb has an infinitive. 

Verb Infnitive
Fight  To fight
Read To read
Built To build
Was To be


2. Verbs change form according to three variables: person, number, and tense. 

Person  Indicates the speaker (first person), the person whom the speaker is addressing (second person), and the person or object about which the speaker is speaking (third person). 
Number  Indicates whether the reference is a single thing (singular) or multiple things (plural). 
Tense   Indicates the time in which an action or state of being is occuring (present tense), occured (past tense), or will occur (future tense). 


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