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Technical English - ESLI-595: Journal Locator

Welcome! In this guide, you will find resources to support your studies in ESLI 595. Use the tabs and drop-down menus to navigate this guide.


Begin with the journal locator if you have been asked to find an article for which you have been given a citation or to determine if the Library subscribes to a specific publication. 

NYIT Journal Locator

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Looking for a specific journal? Try our journal locator. Here, you'll gain access to all of NYIT's online subscriptions. Remember: if you're off campus, you'll need your NYITConnect username and password to access these resources remotely.

Using Citations to Locate an Article

Step 1. Locate the name of the PUBLICATION in your citation (underlined in blue). (The following citation is in APA format.) 

Step 2. Locate the Journal Locator on the Library Homepage and enter the name of the publication in the search field. 

Step 3. If the Library subscribes to the publication, a record for the item will appear. This record will contain full-text coverage dates and a link to the database in which the publication is located. Review your citation's publication date (underlined in orange) to make an appropriate selection. 

Step 4. Browse the issue shelf to locate the volume and issue in which your item appears. 

Step 5. Access your article. 

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