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Business & Management: Celebrities: Selected Videos

Choose from a variety of catalogs, online services and media to begin your assignments and projects.

Executives, Entrepreneurs, Investors

Listening to notable innovators, office holders and public influencers can enhance further understanding of their personalities, methods and philosophies. Many interviews, speeches, lectures, etc. can easily be located on YouTube.

Economists, Government Employees

  • Ben Bernanke – Former Chairman, U. S. Federal Reserve.
  • Peter Drucker – Famed business thinker and management consultant.
  • Milton Friedman – Nobel Prize winner (Economics, 1976 - monetary history and theory).
  • Alan Greenspan – Former Federal Reserve Chairman (1987 - 2006) second longest tenure.
  • Paul Krugman – Nobel Prize winner (Economics, 2008 - trade patterns and economic geography).
  • Elinor Ostrom – Nobel Prize co-winner (Economics, 2009 - economic governance; first woman to win this award).
  • Paul Samuelson – Nobel Prize winner (Economics, 1970 - economic analysis and synthesis; wrote world's most successful economics textbook).
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