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NYIT Library Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Institutional Repository: Instructions


As you complete the final steps towards graduation, it is now time to deposit your final Thesis Document into the NYIT Library Institutional Repository. Your project will be accessible and preserved electronically. The repository is now acception 2020 graduating thesis.

Take these five steps to deposit your document:

STEP 1: Prepare Your Document

Save the final thesis/capstone document as ONE pdf (portable document file). 
This should be one single .pdf of your thesis, including your Academic Department Cover page. For assistance in combining your thesis documents, watch this short video ( or contact  

Name your pdf: LastName_FirstName.pdf 


Click below to Open Vireo, Click Login to Register as a New User.

 Register as a new user using your NYIT email  Select "Manage/View your submission" > "Start Your Submission" Once you begin an entry, select the action "Edit" or "Continue"   to continue a previous submission. 

STEP 3: Upload the document.

Upload the document. Remember, any cover page required by your degree should be the first page of the pdf document.

File Name: LastName_FirstName.pdf 

STEP 4: Receive Confirmation Email

Once an entry is complete, You receive a confirmation email noting the Thesis, Dissertation, or Capstone has been received.

The library catalogs your Capstone / Thesis document and it will remain discoverable and accessible through the New York Institute of Technology Libraries in perpetuity.  Your document will be placed in the queue and processed along with all other submissions for the current semester in the order in which your completed file was received. Final documents will become available, beyond any publication or patent embargoes, within 3 - 6 months of your submission.

If you have questions about the visibility of your thesis document in the Institutional Repository, email

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