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Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Institutional Repository: Instructions


Completing a Thesis Book, Master's Project, or Doctoral Project, in partial fulfillment, of your degree is a big achievement! 

  • Deposit this milestone project in the New York Tech Institutional Repository.

  • Employers, Colleagues, Scholars, and Peers will be able to find your project using a permalink, the library catalog and even Google Scholar.

  • Your work will reside among scholars and practitioners building new knowledge by publishing academic and emerging professional research.  

Complete these four steps to deposit your document:

Click >> AskaLibrarian for assistance.

STEP 1: Prepare Your Document

  • Deposits must include a formatted cover page.

  • Formatted Cover Pages should include:

    • Document title

    • Author name

    • Academic department

    • Academic advisors

    • Degree earned

  • Sample Cover Page

  • Review your abstract and select keywords from your abstract (optional but recommended) Speak with your thesis advisor if you have questions.

  • Save the final document as ONE pdf. 

  • NY Tech provides Adobe Acrobat, watch this short video for instructions on combining pdfs. Contact If you need additional assistance combining documents. 

  • Name your pdf file: LastName_FirstName.pdf 

STEP 2: Complete Deposit Form

 Begin your Deposit 

(Subject to Active NYIT student accounts - login using credentials)

Graduates and alumni without email may also ArchiveScholarship.


Institutional Repository Submission Agreement

Publication in the Institutional Repository requires you to acknowledge and accept this Non-Exclusive Distribution License.

STEP 3: Complete the Information and Upload your Document

Upload the pdf. Remember, the cover page required by your degree and/or academic department should be the first page of the pdf document.

File Name: LastName_FirstName.pdf 

STEP 4: Receive Confirmation Email

Once an entry is complete, You receive a confirmation email document has been received.

Your document will be placed in the queue and processed along with all other submissions for the current semester in the order in which your completed file was received. Final documents will become available, beyond any publication or patent embargoes, within 3 - 6 months of your submission.

Records of your document remains discoverable and accessible through the New York Institute of Technology Libraries in perpetuity. 

If you have questions about the visibility of your thesis document in the Institutional Repository, email

Deposit Demonstration

Librarian III

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Rosemary Burgos-Mira
Long Island Library
Old Westbury, NY

Systems Librarian


Abstract: Any and all existing abstract text from your manuscript.

Capstone: A terminal work that addresses a central project theme, client, or space (such as a health clinic) that produces a practical proposal. The capstone solves or attempts to solve a problem in a focused, real-world setting and often involves the onsite practice of skills inherent in the discipline.

Cover Page:  Include the document title, graduation year, author, degree advisor name, program, and college name.  

Keywords: Any and all existing keywords from your manuscript. Speak to your project advisor for questions.

Projects in lieu of theses (PILOTs): Tend to be offered in programs that allow a thesis or non-thesis option. For example, digital art portfolios are generally seen in graduate creative arts programs. Often these documents lack standardization and require submission on a case-by-case basis. 

If you need assistance entering or editing this information, email to reach the NYIT Institutional Repository Team.

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