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Information on ANSI and how to apply to ANSI's program for free standards for your classroom.


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ANSI Youtube Channel

Learn more about ANSI and standardization on their official company Youtube Channel.

About ANSI

Standardization is the process of implementing regulations on the activities of organizations to ensure safety, quality, and efficiency. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) oversees standards, regulations, and assessments for the US, ensuring that organizations adhere to ANSI's requirements for openness, balance, consensus, and processes. ANSI is a nonprofit organization that provides a "framework for fair standards development" and "works to safeguard their integrity" (ANSI).

Accessing Standards

ANSI offers standards for a variety of fields as a representative for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which publicizes standards that ANSI regulates. Patrons can access ISO standards by purchasing a subscription from ANSI. Members of ANSI subscriptions can purchase access to the standards at a lower price.

However, educators can gain access to certain ISO standards for free using the ANSI University Outreach program. ANSI's goal is to ensure that international standards are understood and upheld in the US, and as a part of that mission, ANSI makes the ISO standards accessible to university students and educators at no cost. Instructors must apply to the program by contacting the ANSI University Outreach representative at and filling out the ANSI Enrollment Form below. Once the form has been received, ANSI will reach out to the applying instructor with further steps. Upon completion, instructors will then be able to distribute the standards to their classroom and will submit an evaluation of the program at the end of the term.


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