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Bloomberg Terminal : Bloomberg Terminal Locations

Locations of the Bloomberg Terminal

There are Bloomberg Terminals at the NYC Campus in Columbus Circle. 

Currently the NYC location of the Bloomberg Terminal is closed to users, but remote accessible is available. 

The School of Management  or "SOM" at Manhattan's NYIT Campus has a Bloomberg Terminal and is located at 26 West 61st Street Room 503.

Currently this location is closed to all users however Students can access Bloomberg Remotely.

To schedule remote access to Bloomberg, please email Monna Arshad GA for the School of Management Once the user is confirmed, they can go to

Please note, you will need access to a specific ID Code and Password to remote into Bloomberg. 

Since the bandwidth (i.e. number of terminals that can be remotely accessed is simultaneously) is limited, the SOM have reserved certain time slots for particular group users based on the demand from Fall 2020. 

So the schedule for Spring 2021 Bloomberg Terminal access is as follows:


Monday: 11am to 1pm Finance Students & 3pm to 6pm All NYIT Students

Tuesday: 11am to 1pm EMBA Students & 3pm to 6pm Finance Students

Wednesday: 11am to 1pm SOM Students & 3pm to 6pm EMBA Students

Thursday: 11am to 1pm ALL NYIT Students & 3pm to 6pm SOM Students

Depending on demand, SOM may impose limits on how long a particular individual can be logged in for a particular session in Bloomberg. Outside of the times shown, use of Bloomberg is open to all subject to first come, first serve. 



Information for Spring 2021: Users of Bloomberg will need to access the data base remotely.    Since bandwidth (i.e., number of terminals that can be remotely accessed simultaneously) is limited, I have reserved certain time slots for particular groups users based on demand from last semester:







11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Finance Students

EMBA Students

SOM Students

All NYIT Students

3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

All NYIT Students

Finance Students

EMBA Students

SOM Students


The Innovation Labs at the Long Island Library in Old Westbury no longer maintains the Bloomberg Terminal.

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