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Medical Images

This guide contains resources to help you locate medical images.

Medical Image Sites

The resources on this page are image repositories and databases related to the biomedical sciences that do not require insitutional access to view. Many of these come from government-sponsored initiatives to promote medical research and open access to information. Other sources come from personal projects of highly dedicated researchers and organizations, some are history archives, and some emphasize often overlooked populations such as communities of color in medical imaging.


The licensing information is provided for some of the resources when you click on more... for each entry.

These resources will help you easily locate historical photographs, prints, and other medical images, some going back ten centuries.

These resources are from federal initiatives to make images more accessible to the public and researchers. The sites will indicate which images are public domain, however, many will also host copyrighted images.

Many of the existing images of skin conditions or symptoms appearing on skin, have often been on white or light patients. These resources will help you to identify how symptoms or conditions will appear on a variety of patients with different skintones and undertones. Diversifying the databases of medical images will only serve to instill confidence among healthcare professionals so that they can make eariler and more accurate diagnoses in patients of color.

The images found on these websites are more focused in terms of discipline or the content found such as graphs from ECGs, images related to cells, hematology images, and so on.

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