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NYIT Library resources supportive of research in the subject fields indicated by this Guide's title.

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Here, you'll find listed, grouped and, often, linked NYIT Library resources intended to support and facilitate your research in the subject areas suggested by the title:  astronomy, astrobiology, manned space travel and planetary colonization (with a focus on Mars). Sources include print, electronic and online (Web-based) formats.


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Subject Guide: Astronomy, Astrobiology, Space Travel & More


Who or What Is Out There? Will Humans Cruise the Cosmos? Will Our Species Colonize Other Planets? Is Doing So Feasible? Is It Inevitable?

This guide presents NYIT Library and Internet resources helpful in doing research in astronomy, astrobiology, manned space travel and human colonization of distant planets and moons. Where possible, links are included, providing fast, easy click-to access.

Resource groups, each with its own tab above, are as follows:

Got a moment? Visit the Earth-like planet Gliese (Video / 3:57)

      Science for the Fun of It

      Earth-like planets are being found at a rapid pace. Here's one. / Return to top of HOME PAGE

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