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Astronomy, Astrobiology and Space Travel: RSS Feeds

NYIT Library resources supportive of research in the subject fields indicated by this Guide's title.

About these Resources

These RSS feeds continuously deliver links to up-to-the-minute science information and articles, from quality sources, directly to this Web page.

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to find academic-quality information (articles, papers, reports) on the Web.

Google Scholar Search

RSS Feed / The New York Times: Science Times

Galaxy IZwicky 18 / Source: NASA / Hubble Telescope

Weekly science reporting from one of the nation's great daily newspapers.

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RSS Feed /

This quality feed provides up-to-the-minutes reporting on numerous happenings in the fields of astronomy, astrobiology, manned and robotic space missions, cosmological discovery, and more.

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RSS Feed / Scientific American

Scientific American provides an extensive menu of  science news feeds HERE. This feed is Scientific American's Global Feed: Latest News.

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RSS Feed / The Hayden Planetarium & Rose Space Center

Located in New York City, NY, the Hayden Planetarium, housing the Rose Space Center, is a premier, world-class facility located within the American Museum of Natural History. Its Digital Universe RSS feed provides frequently-updated articles and information related to astronomy and space science.

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RSS Feed / SkyWatch & HubbleWatch

Keep informed on the most current Hubble telescope discoveries and resulting space science insights and revelations.

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RSS Feed / SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Reports on the activities of this long-term, ongoing project dedicated to making contact with intelligent life forms "out there."

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