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Astronomy, Astrobiology and Space Travel: Print Books

NYIT Library resources supportive of research in the subject fields indicated by this Guide's title.

About these Resources

Some of the best Library resources are *PRINT items. The reference and circulating books listed here can be found on the shelves of the NYIT Library in the locations indicated. A select few reference items listed are electronic/online resources (e-books).

*Reference books cannot be borrowed, but the Library has photocopiers; you'll need flex funds on your student ID to use them. Cost: 10 cents per one-sided copy; 20 cents per two-sided copy.

Reference Books / Print + Some Electronic

The Veil Nebula / Source: NASA / The Hubble Telescope

List 1:  Reference Books / List 2:  Circulating Books

The following multi-subject SPACE SCIENCE and GENERAL SCIENCE *reference books (List 1) are a great place to start gathering solid background information on related topics. Though substantially representative of Library holdings, this is only a PARTIAL list. Following this list, further below, is a representative list of circulating books (List 2). List 2 has an additional source category:  Books by Stephen Hawking.

List 1:  REFERENCE BOOKS  (This list is representative.)

300 Astronomical Objects: A Visual Reference Ref. QB64 .W54 OW
Astronomy Encyclopedia Ref. QB14 .A875 OW
Companion to Astronomy & Astrophysics Ref. QB14 .L36 OW / NYC
Dictionary of Geophysics, Astrophysics & Astronomy Ref. QB14 .D53 OW / NYC
Encyclopedia of Space & Astronomy Ref. QB136 .A55 OW
Facts on File Dictionary of Astronomy Ref. QB14 .F3 OW
Chambers Science and Technology Dictionary Ref. Q123 .C482 OW
Biographical Dictionary of Scientists Ref. Q141 .B528 OW
Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology Ref. Q123 .E497 OW
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics Ref. Q175.35 .E53    OW
International Encyclopedia of Science & Technology Ref. Q121 .I48 OW
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms Ref. Q123 .M15 OW
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms ONLINE
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology Ref. Q121 .M3 OW / NYC
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology ONLINE
Science in the Contemporary World: An Encyclopedia ONLINE
Scientific Thought: In Context Ref. Q175 .S4238 OW
Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia Ref. Q121 .V3 OW

*The above PRINT reference books do NOT circulate and are for IN-LIBRARY use only. To find CIRCULATING books, which you CAN borrow, consult the NYIT online materials catalog BEARCAT.

**If you browse among these call numbers on Library shelves, you'll find many additional relevant resources in print format.

Circulating Books / Print

List 2:  CIRCULATING BOOKS / Print (This list is representative.)

The Book of Universes:  exploring the Limits
of the Cosmos
J. Barrow QB981 .B2796 OW, NYC
The Cambridge Guide to the Solar System K. Lang QB501 .L24 OW, NYC
The New Solar System:  Ice Worlds, Moons,
and Planets Redefined
P. Daniels QB501 .D36 OW
A Question and Answer Guide to Astronomy P.Y. Bely QB52 .B45 OW
A User's Guide to the Universe:  Surviving
the Perils of Black Holes, Time Paradoxes,
and Quantum Uncertainty
D. Goldberg QC24.5 .G65 OW
ASTROBIOLOGY:  Is there life out There? Author Call number Location
Are We Alone? Philosophical Implications
of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life
P. Davies QB54 .D38 OW
Contact with the Stars:  The Search for
Extraterrestrial Life
R. Breuer QB54 .B69813 OW, NYC
Cosmic Biology: How Life Could Evolve On
Other Worlds
L. Irwin QH326 .I78 OW, NYC
Cosmic Jackpot:  Why Our Universe is Just
Right for Life
P. Davies BS651 .D325 OW
Life in the Universe:  Expectations and
D. Schulze-
QH341 .S339 OW
Life on Other Worlds and How to Find It S. Clark QB54 .C566 OW
Packing for Mars:  The Curious Science of
Life in the Void
M. Roach QH327 .R63 OW
Rare Earth:  Why Complex Life Is
Uncommon in the Universe
P. Ward QB54 .W336 OW
Science, Society, and the Search for Life in
the Universe
B. Jakosky QH325 .J28 OW
MARS Author Call number Location
2061:  Photographing Mars R. 
PZ43 .B75 OW
Astronomical Enigmas:  Life on Mars, the
Star of Bethlehem, & Other Milky Way
M. Kidger QB43.3 .K54 OW
Lunar and Planetary Rovers:  The Wheels of
Apollo and the Quest for Mars
A. Young TL480 .Y68 OW
Marswalk One:  First Steps on a New Planet D. Shayler QB641 .S4815 OW
Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of
Life in the Void
M. Roach QH327 .R63 OW
The Scientific Exploration of Mars F. Taylor QB641 .T285 OW
The Search for Life on Mars M. Walter QB641 .W25 OW, NYC
The Surface of Mars M. Carr QB641 .C363 NYC
Turning Dust to Gold:  Building a Future on
the Moon and Mars
TL795.7 .B46 OW, NYC
HUMAN SPACE TRAVEL Author Call number Location
2001:  Building for Space Travel J. Zukowsky TL4015 .A15 NYC
History of Rocketry & Space Travel W.
Von Braun
TL781 .V6 OW
Packing for Mars:  The Curious Science of
Life in the Void
M. Roach QH327 .R63 OW
Robots in Space:  Technology, Evolution,
and Interplanetary Travel
R. Launius TJ211 .L38 OW
Space Rescue:  Ensuring the Safety of
Manned Space Flight
D. Shayler TL867 .S535 OW
Space Shuttle:  The First 20 Years T.
TL795.5 .S63 OW, NYC
Who's Who is Space:  The First 25 Years M. Cassutt TL788.5 .C37 OW, NYC
STEPHEN HAWKING Author Call number Location
A Brief History of Time:  From the Big Bang
to Black Holes
S. Hawking QB981 .H377 OW, NYC
A Briefer History of Time S. Hawking QB981 .H3773 OW
The Grand Design S. Hawking QB981 .H3774 OW
The Illustrated Theory of Everything:  The
Origin and Fate of the Universe
S. Hawking QB981 .H377 OW
The Universe in a Nutshell S. Hawking QC174.12 .H39 NYC


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