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Finding Evidence-Based Research in Education: How to IDENTIFY

Evidence-based research defined + how to find it explained.

The Distinctive Parts

Evidence-based research articles incorporate a generally standard structure with generally standard sections. When you see all, or at least many, of these standard article sections, you can be reasonably confident that you're reading an evidence-based (original or primary) research article.

Identify by Standard Sections

To ID an evidence-based research article, look for these standard sections...

All, or at least most, evidence-based research articles incorporate standard sections, or parts. Spotting these parts can help you identify such articles. These sections, or parts, with individual headings, include all or most of the following:



ADDRESS / ADDRESSES (of institution where research was done)

ABSTRACT (an article summary)

INTRODUCTION (providing background on study)



DISCUSSION (including summary of conclusions, implications, etc.)

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (those who made contributions)

REFERENCES (articles/works referenced in text)


TABLE and FIGURE LEGENDS (to explain tables & figures)

For an excellent, in-depth explanation of these research article sections or parts, see:

Beth A. Fischer & Michael J. Zigmond. Components of a Research Article.


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