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Navigating the Stacks @ Wisser Library: F

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F - History of the Americas

What subjects do the call letters & numbers cover?

F1-975              United States local history.

F1-15                             New England.

F106                              Atlantic coast.  Middle Atlantic States.

F206-220                       The South.  South Atlantic States.

F296-301                       Gulf States.  West Florida.

F396                               Old Southwest.  Lower Mississippi Valley.

F476-485                       Old Northwest.  Northwest Territory.

F590.3-596.3                 The West.  Trans-Mississippi Region.  Great Plains.

F721-722                       Rocky Mountains.  Yellowstone National Park.

F786-790                       New Southwest.  Colorado River, Canyon, and Valley.

F850.5-851.5                Pacific States.

F965                              The territories of the United States (General).

F970                              Insular possessions of the United States (General).

F975                  Central American, West Indian, and other countries protected by and having close political affiliations with the United States  (General).

F1001-1145.2      British America.

F1170                 French America.

F1201-3799         Latin America.  Spanish America.

F1201-1392                    Mexico.

F1401-1419                    Latin America (General).

F1421-1440                    Central America.

F1601-1629                    West Indies.

F2155-2191                    Caribbean area.  Caribbean Sea.

F2201-3799                    South America.

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