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To support your research in Education, the CMC, a special collection, welcomes your visit and is staffed most days from 1:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

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The NYIT Curriculum Materials Center (CMC)

Welcome to the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) located in the Wisser Memorial Library at NYIT.  We are here to support the School of Education, both faculty and students. See CMC Mission Statement (below).

This Libguide intends to make it easy for you to access and make use of CMC resources. 

  • Books
  • DVDs/CDs
  • Multimedia Kits
  • Teaching Tools
  • Juvenile Literature
  • PC/AV Hardware
  • Videocassettes


The NYIT Wisser Library, Old Westbury, New York

Curriculum Materials Center (CMC)

Mission Statement

The NYIT Curriculum Materials Center’s mission is to support the NYIT School of Education by providing information and instructional resources and classes intended to enhance the academic growth and professional development of teachers of grades Pre-K through 12, as well as educational counselors serving these same age groups.

CMC Goals include:

·      To provide an environment in which current and future teachers and school counselors can explore, sample and evaluate teaching materials in multiple formats, including:  print, electronic, Web-based, and  multimedia (audio, video, CDs, DVDs, software, kits, etc.).

·      To support professional teacher and school counselor development with education-specific journal and reference databases comprising both general and scholarly, peer-reviewed research content and materials.


·      To deliver education- and counseling-specific information literacy and library skills classes intended to make students and faculty aware of CMC resources and to help both groups use these resources to maximum benefit.


·      To help School of Education students and faculty make optimal use of rapidly-evolving learning technologies, including electronic books, Web-based systems and resources, and more.


·      To optimally manage facility resources so as to maintain quality, currency and relevance of services and resources.


·      To maintain a strong relationship and rich interaction with faculty, students and staff of the NYIT School of Education so as to best support its pedagogical programs and efforts with information resources, teaching tools, and library classes carefully chosen or designed to serve the School’s needs and interests.

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Joan Baron Drury
Curriculum Materials Center

Wisser Library, Old Westbury, NY

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