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In this Guide...

...find resources containing information, in many formats, on the history of the New York Institute of Technology, including its DeSeversky Conference Center, School of Osteopathy, Long Island News Tonight cable program, and more.

Dr. Alexander Schure, NYIT's first president.

NYIT pioneered using classroom computers, called "teaching machines", in the 1950s.

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The History of the College: Resources

A great starting point...
The History of NYIT:  TIMELINE

NEWSDAY & THE NEW YORK TIMES:  Treasure Troves of NYIT History

Over the years, NYIT's Long Island campuses (Old Westbury, Central Islip, Commack, etc.) have been covered extensively in Newsday, the nation's largest suburban newspaper measured by circulation. Members of the NYIT Community have access to Newsday online and can use it to find news coverage of the College. Access Newsday HERE.

Substantial historical coverage of NYIT in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Old Westubry, and more, is also provided by The New York Times. HERE (1980-present) and HERE (pre-1980).

A Warm-Up: Some Important NYIT Dates...

1955:  The College (Metro) is chartered in A.A. degree
1960:  The College is chartered in B.A. degree
1962:  The College receives permanent charter

1901:  Education Hall, Old Westbury, is built (as a massive stable)
1930:  The Central Islip Campus buildings are built
1958:  The Manhattan Library is opened (w/ 1000 volumes)
1964:  The Library in Old Westbury is founded
1966:  The College had a branch library in Syosset
1968:  Harry Schure Hall, Old Westbury, is built
1975:  The Old Westbury Library opens in Harry Schure Hall
1984:  The Long Island Memorial Library, Old Westbury Campus, is built

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