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Statistical Resources: Introduction

Guide to Key Statistical Sources


The purpose of this guide is to provide key statistical resources and other useful related information.

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Statistics Glossary

This section allows you to view definitions for key terms used in statistics.

Search Tips

Here are five important search tips for finding statistics online

Tip 1: Favor sources consisting Primarily of statistics, like almanacs, statistical compendia, and numeric databases.

Tip 2: At web sites, look for links to areas named Statistics; Publications, Reports, or Bulletins; Library or Archive(s); Data or Databases; and Presss Release. 

Tip 3: In full text, look for statistics-indicating word patterns, such as: " According to a study/survey/repert..." or "71 percent of Americans polled by Gallup..."

Tip 4: Look for data placed outside the text as figures, tables, charts, graphs, infoboxes, and captions.

Tip 5: Use numbers-indicating index terms, such as Statistics, Market share, Numeric, Demographics, Industry overview, and Forecasts.


                             By Paula Berinstein Author of "Finding statistics online..."

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